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About African Mango 1200™

African Mango 1200™ is an exciting breakthrough weight loss supplement from Creative Bioscience® supported by clinical studies. African Mango, also known as "wild mango" and "bush mango" grows exclusively in Cameroon, Africa, and its seed has been used by Cameroon natives for centuries as an appetite suppressant. This dynamic, innovative diet product from Creative Bioscience® comes from African Mango, hailed as the most effective natural weight loss aid to hit the market in recent years. Its popularity is only growing as more dieters hear about it and use it to reach their goal weight. It offers a natural alternative to both traditional and "fad" dieting, and requires no expensive meal plans or exercise regimens. You simply take your African Mango 1200™ diet aids from Creative Bioscience® and enjoy your life, keeping active and making healthy food choices.

How can taking African Mango 1200™ Mango extract make me skinny?

When you take African Mango 1200™ from Creative Bioscience, you are not eating the actual fruit of the mango, which is a yellow pulp rich in sugars that would not help you reach your diet goals. You will be taking a capsule that contains an extract from the dika nut, the pit or seed of the African Mango fruit. African Mango stimulates the hormone leptin, which moderates your appetite so you feel hungry less often, and full longer after eating.

More on African Mango 1200™ and Leptin

Leptin is a hormone produced in the fat cells, and it signals your body that it has had enough food. Leptin also delays stomach emptying so that you feel full longer. When leptin levels rise, we feel physically full and satiated, so we have less desire to eat. When leptin levels fall, we become hungry again and experience the physiological impulse to seek out food. The amount of leptin we have depends on our relative body fat, so this relationship is important to dieters using African Mango 1200™ from Creative Bioscience® to lose weight.

Other health benefits of African Mango 1200™

Well-documented studies support using African Mango 1200™ extract for weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving control of diabetes. African Mango lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while raising HDL (good) cholesterol. It accomplishes this by binding to bile acid to transport cholesterol from your body.