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Frequently Asked Questions about African Mango 1200™

What side effects does the African Mango 1200™ weight loss dietary supplement have?

Comprehensive clinical research has not identified serious side effects associated with African Mango 1200™ use for weight loss. Creative Bioscience® customers have not reported negative side effects while using African Mango 1200™ to lose body fat. You may need to go out and shop for a new wardrobe to accommodate your trimmer, more slender body, but our Customer Support Specialists have received no complaints from our dieters about this side effect of the African Mango 1200™ diet. Some studies have shown that in addition to shedding unwanted pounds using African Mango 1200™, an additional benefit to the diet is reduction of LD (bad) cholesterol and elevation of HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Avoid drastic medical procedures

African Mango 1200™ is a natural, healthy option to liposuction, gastric banding, gastric balloons, bypass surgery, and painful hormone injections from your doctor. It will not give you infections, pneumonia, or a large hospital bill. Of course a sensible diet and regular exercise are essential to reaching and maintaining optimum body weight, but we sometimes need a little extra help. African Mango 1200™ is the ideal natural, clinically-proven weight loss solution thousands of women and men use to lose unwanted fat.

More on African Mango 1200™ and Leptin

Leptin is a hormone produced in the fat cells, and it signals your body that it has had enough food. Leptin also delays stomach emptying so that you feel full longer. When leptin levels rise, we feel physically full and satiated, so we have less desire to eat. When leptin levels fall, we become hungry again and experience the physiological impulse to seek out food. The amount of leptin we have depends on our relative body fat, so this relationship is important to dieters using African Mango 1200™ from Creative Bioscience® to lose weight.

History of African Mango use

Creative Bioscience® selected African Mango 1200™ for our line of dynamic, innovative diet products because this botanical supplement is historically tested and proven. Medicinal benefits for African Mango seeds, called "dika nuts," include weight loss, nutrition during times of want or famine, and appetite suppression. The antibiotic and analgesic qualities of African Mango bark help heal skin abrasions, and this bark can also be boiled to produce a remedy for tooth pain. African Mango kernels are classified as oilseeds, and when ground into a paste are used to thicken sauces, stews, and soups. The juice of the mango fruit makes a variety wine that reaches 8% alcohol content after fermenting 28 days, and has been compared to German wines' sweetness, flavor, and color. African Mango has been used medicinally for centuries in West Africa, where it grows. Ethnomedicinal treatments made use of the leaves, roots, bark, and kernels for a variety of health problems. The shavings from the stem bark were taken orally to treat hernias, dysentery, and yellow fever, and to counteract the effects of poison. But the most exciting use of African Mango is its capacity to suppress appetite and aid in fat oxidation—all naturally.

How much weight can I lose with the African Mango 1200™ diet?

Many studies have been conducted to research African Mango use in weight loss to increase energy, suppress appetite, burn fat, and boost metabolism. These published results of African Mango studies are documented, balanced, and favorable, and we invite you to examine them for yourself as you research this dynamic weight loss aid and determine what it can do for you. The amount of fat weight a dieter loses using dynamic, innovative African Mango 1200™ weight loss aid from Creative Bioscience® depends on dietary, genetic, and environmental factors. African Mango 1200™ tablets contain 1,200mg of pure African Mango extract, the most potent blend of African Mango available on the market, and will product the fastest results for you in the least amount of time. This is the best choice for someone who needs to lose 20 lbs or more of excess fat. Take one capsule 30 minutes before meals twice per day.